Lithuanian and Latvian Joint Project Plans EASYCROSSING Discussed


2019 02 08

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A meeting with the project EASYCROSSING partners from Latvijas Valsts ceļi (Latvian State Roads) has taken place at the premises of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. During the meeting, the results of the interregional road infrastructure works and other project implementation plans were discussed.

The overall objective is to facilitate geographical mobility and territorial integrity of the LV – LT border regions providing an appropriate transport infrastructure for mobility of work force, services and goods, tourism promotion.

During the project 6 Lithuanian and Latvian state road sections will be reconstructed by both project partners, the total length of which is 45.93 km, out of which 19.28 km on the Lithuanian territory.
Reconstruction of the following 3 Lithuanian road sections is planned: national road No 163 Ežerė–Mažeikiai, 0.00-6.89 km and 6.89-9.188 km, regional road No 2912 Žeimelis–Vileišiai–Adžiūnai, 0.0-5.1 km and regional road No 3647 Pandėlys–Suvainiškis–Nereta, 13.30-18.30 km. The planned works‘ completion date-the end of 2019.

2014–2020 Interreg V-A Latvian and Lithuanian programme project is financed from the European Regional Development fund.