Lithuanian Road Administration Presents the Procedure of Allocating the Road Maintenance and Development Programme Funds to Local Authorities


2019 01 30


A three-day seminar hosted by the Lithuanian Road Administration was held on 29-31 January 2019.

Target audience: representatives from the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania, all municipalities of the country, the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Goal: to ensure transparency and clarity of allocating and using budgetary funds for the maintenance and development of local significance roads run by local authorities.

Aims: to discuss recommendations for the repair of gravel-paved local roads; to define the legal status of local significance gravel road elements; to talk about the problem of pavement (sidewalks); to introduce amendments to the laws regulating the allocation of the Road Maintenance and Development Programme funds for financing the maintenance and development of local roads; to clarify the allocation of funds for municipalities for asphalt paving of local significance gravel roads, to review local road priority lists drawn up by local authorities.

According to Vitalijus Andrejevas, Director of the Lithuanian Road Administration, the aim of the seminar is to strike-up a conversation with one of the key partners, i.e. municipalities in planning and developing the road network. The benefit of such seminars is obvious as both parties have a possibility to discuss the most effective ways to use the allocated funds as well as other related legal and technical issues.