Modernization of State Significance Road Lighting until 2022


2020 02 04


The Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications  (hereinafter – the Road Administration) has started the modernization of the state road network lighting by signing contracts on the replacement of the outdated lighting by LED lighting on state roads.

According to the Director of the Road Administration Mr Vitalijus Andrejevas, modernization is essential as 88.5 per cent of the current road luminaires are outdated and their replacement would reduce power consumption. 

'Modernization of road lighting has been a significant issue in terms of safety. Moreover, there will be a possibility to apply remote control and receive real-time information, which would enable to eliminate failure considerably faster“, – states V. Andrejevas.

Modernization will be carried out in several stages. The first stage would cover the highest traffic volume roads - main roads. The total value of five contracts is 867,000 EUR.
In 2020 it is planned to replace 46 per cent of road lighting, which would enable to save up to 1.2 GWh (168,000 EUR per year). Investments should buy-off in 5-6 years after their installation. Service providers will give a 10-year-guarantee.
The rest of the old type lighting with sodium lamps on state significance roads will be replaced in 2020-2021, which would enable to save up to another 1.5 GWh. 

Currently, the state road network has more than 10,800 luminaires and only 11.5 per cent of them are LED lights.