Open Tender to Install Average Speed Cameras on 56 Road Sections


2020 01 02

vgms56 (002).png

The Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (hereafter – the Road Administration) has invited an open international tender to install 112 average speed cameras (56 road sections) on state significance roads. Bids can be submitted until 12 February 2020.

According to the programme of the Lithuanian Government, 130 average speed control sections (in total, 260 devices) and 70 instant speed cameras shall be installed on state significance roads by the end of 2020.

'To manage and develop driving behaviour, the Road Administration in cooperation with the Lithuanian Road Police, the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration and municipalities employ a number of engineering and educational measures. However, it is a consistently planned network of average speed cameras that enables drivers to develop their driving skills. Complex use of all possible means leads to traffic safety", says the Director of the Road Administration.

Currently, 50 average speed cameras are in operation on the Lithuanian state road network, which measure speed on 25 road sections. In the nearest future it is planned to draw up the contract on the installation of 100 average speed cameras (50 road sections). In December 2019 the contract on the installation of 70 instant speed cameras was signed.
A priority list of prospective locations of speed cameras is compiled according to the methodology developed by the Road Administration. Among the key factors are average annual daily traffic and the number of road accidents.

Tender specifications could be found at: