2020 09 23
A Reconstructed Road from Mažeikiai to Ežerė

Reconstruction works of state significance national road No 163 Ežerė–Mažeikiai section from km 0.00 to km 6.89 have been completed. The implementation of the contract signed between SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) and JSC Žemaitijos keliai will facilitate the inhabitants of Mažeikiai and nearby districts as well as visitors from Latvia to take...

Asvejos tiltas.jpeg
2020 09 11
Repair of Asveja Timber Bridge Completed

SE Lithuanian Road Adminstration informs that the repair of one of the three timber bridges on the Lithuanian state road network has been completed. The bridge is famous for being a bridge across the longest lake in Lithuania Asveja lake in Molėtai district, Dubingiai. The tests conducted at the end of August confirmed that the bridge is safe and fit for use. The total value of the contract...

2020 09 11
Traffic Safety Stops‘ Project Brought to a Close: 2,000 Visitors Throughout the Country

The virgin trip of a three-week-long traffic safety stops‘ project has come to an end. More than 2,000 visitors attended 62 traffic safety stops. Traffic safety stops were located in smaller towns, villages, built-up areas, where traffic safety campaigns are rarely held and more road accidents with pedestrians or cyclists occur....

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