Bus Stop Shelters Will Be Decorated by the Winner Drawings of the Competition


2020 06 10


The winners of the drawing competition Traffic Safety 2020 that has been initiated by the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (later–the Road Administration) have been announced. The six winners of the competition represent various regions,  institutions and age groups.

The Lithuanian territory was divided into three parts. Two drawings from each part were selected as the winners of the competition. The drawings will be copied onto the selected bus stop shelters until October 2020.

The Director of the Road Administration Mr Vitalijus Andrejevas is delighted with a comparatively large number of the population that have been very active and creative during the competition. It is worth noting that different age groups ranging from schoolchildren, who traditionally take part in the competition, to adults were represented. It means that safe and aesthetical environment is important for all of us.

According to him, the results of the competition surpassed the expectations: 279 participants from various parts of Lithuania sent in their drawings.

This unique event aims to pay the road users‘ attention to the importance of traffic safety: proper behaviour on the road, safe speed limit, safety belts, mindful driving, wearing reflectors, the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, drink-driving, etc.

The drawings were rated by the competition jury, which consisted of the competition organizers. The main evaluation criteria included thematic compliance, originality of idea and form, artistic and technical solution, quality of works, practical application, creativity and topicality of information.