E-Journal Replaces Paper Construction Works‘ Journal


2020 11 10


Since November 2020 SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) has introduced the electronic construction works‘ journal to register newly signed contract works. It will  replace paper journals that were used to register construction works. The aim of e-journal is to ensure effective record and supervision of road construction works, to avoid possible violations.

"Electronic construction works‘ journal will enable to implement various projects easier and more efficiently, to assure high quality of works. In cooperation with the Association Lithuanian Roads
e-journal has been tested and possible inaccuracies were identified. In September and October several pilot projects were undertaken, during which the performance and feasibility of e-journal were assessed. Trainings were held for the contractors in charge, and in the future we are planning to consult and train other contractors until everybody gets used to working with the new system," said Remigijus Lipkevičius, Director of the Road Administration.

Records entered by contractors, technical supervisors and controlling institutions in e-journal will enable to manage the process of works in each road construction object effectively. All project team members will have access to the data, comments, conclusions and recommendations. Works‘ performance and take-over dates, repair works and other records will be available, which ensures faster and more effective control and quality assurance of the works performed.

In 2019, the Road Administration implemented 150 projects. In 2020 it is planned to implement more than 200 projects.