First Reconstruction Stage of Islandijos Road Completed


2020 06 03


Reconstruction works of the main road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda section from km 100.47 to km 101.79, which coincides with the first reconstruction stage of Islandijos road (orig. Islandijos plentas) have been completed. The works in this stage were performed from the Kleboniškis bridge to the Sargėnai intersection. The section was widened to 10 traffic lanes, by additionally constructed acceleration and deceleration lanes, a retaining wall as well as a ca 1 km-long-noise barrier on the left side of road A1.

'Islandijos road is one of the busiest road sections compared to those in Latvia and Estonia, where traffic volumes sometimes make up 75,000 vehicles/day. It goes without saying that such traffic volumes require special solutions which would create convenient and safe traffic conditions for the smooth movement of transport flows', says the Director of the Lithuanian Road Administration Mr Vitalijus Andrejevas.

From now on vehicles taking the road in the directions of Vilnius–Klaipėda and Klaipėda–Vilnius will have 3 traffic lanes and 2 additional lanes for the entries and exits to the Vytėnai population centre, a shopping centre, etc. in both directions.

The works of the above-mentioned point on the main road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda section from km 100.47 to 101.79, the contract value of which is 17.475 million euros including VAT, were started in April 2019. It is part of a giant project, i.e. Islandijos road reconstruction (construction of Sargėnai and Giraitė intersections, the Kleboniškis bridge and another new bridge across the river Neris and a new viaduct across Jonava street underway). This project will substantially increase traffic throughput and safety on Islandijos road, which will bring about time savings of eight million hours per year wasted in traffic jams on the discussed road section.