Heat Affects Not Only People But Roads Too


2021 07 22


Due to long waves of heat flushed bitumen, sometimes called bleeding asphalt, may occur on some Lithuanian road sections. Therefore, SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) kindly invites drivers to be more careful and tolerant. It should be pointed out that these road sections are immediately repaired; thus,  no restrictions have been applied on them. Drivers should always remember that the braking distance on the bleeding road section increases and take the factor of contingency into account as well.

Extremely high temperatures and hot climate that are not typical to Lithuania and direct sun rays hit the pavement of some road sections over 50 degrees Celsius. Due to this bitumen in asphalt pavement softens and may flush. Flushed bitumen is visually obvious and easily detectable; however it may also affect traffic conditions.

Drivers are asked to pay their attention to strange sounds or a smooth sprayed seal surface of the road. Safe distance shall be maintained between road users in order to evaluate the situation and to brake the vehicle in time.

Such bleeding road sections may occur in any place in Lithuania. It depends on several reasons: meteorological situation, surrounding environment, road pavement condition, etc. When informed about a bleeding asphalt road section, a team from the state road maintenance company immediately repairs the damage (apply a layer of crushed stone on softened asphalt, which absorbs the flushed bitumen and increases skid resistance).

On certain road sections traffic and speed may be restricted depending on the level of bleeding. Traffic is restricted only in cases when it endangers traffic safety or the road pavement may be damaged, e.g. it can cause rutting.  

Heat damages concrete paved roads as well, which at the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius may  deform and break. Therefore, everybody driving on state main road A14 Vilnius–Utena concrete-paved sections should be careful and inform the Traffic Information Centre of the Road

Administration about it by phone +370 5 232 9600. It is recommended to visit website www.eismoinfo.lt, for the latest information on state significance road and traffic conditions, undergoing works and traffic restrictions.