New Stage in the Kaunas Project: a New Bridge to be Built


2019 08 12


A new bridge will be built in Kaunas, which will be part of the road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda and will include the construction of a new viaduct and a connecting road.

According to Mr Rokas Masiulis, Acting Minister of Transport and Communications of the Lithuanian Republic, ''Motorway Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda is part of the trans-European road network; therefore, the new bridge will considerably improve traffic conditions and the quality of transportion at both local and international level''.

Currently, A. Meškinis (Kleboniškis) bridge is part of A1 road Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda, which consists of two separate bridges. After the project implementation, transit and local traffic flows will be separated. Traffic from Vilnius to Klaipėda will be redirected onto a new bridge.

Mr Vitalijus Andrejevas, Director of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Road Administration), states that bridge repair and construction is part of the Islandijos kelias (Icelandic road) project, which will make traffic smoother and safer and will save up 8 million hours currently lost in traffic jams on this section. It is estimated that traffic volumes on this road make up 68 thousand vehicles per day.

The bridge and the viaduct will be constructed under the contract between the Road Administration and the company Kauno tiltai. The Contractor has undertaken to complete the project in 17 months from the Contract‘s effective date. The estimated value of works is 32 340 292 EUR incl. VAT.