Priority List of Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathways in Built-up Areas Publicized


2020 12 30


New pedestrian and bicycle pathways at the state significance roads in built-up areas will be paved according to the priority list.

"The projects implemented by SE Lithuanian Road Administration not only seek to improve traffic safety but contribute to the promotion of sustainable mobility. Moreover, the publicized priority list based on the set criteria will enable transparent and consequent implementation of safer infrastructure. It should be pointed out that the pace of the mentioned project implementation will depend on the funds allocated for state significance roads", says the Director of SE Lithuanian Road Administration Remigijus Lipkevičius.

SE Lithuanian Road Administration has prepared the Methodology of Pedestrian and Cyclist Pathway Infrastructure Priority List (Pėsčiųjų ir dviratininkų infrastruktūros įrengimo prioritetinės eilės metodiką) and according to the set criteria compiled a Priority List of Pedestrian and Cyclist Infrastructure in Built-up Areas (Pėsčiųjų ir dviratininkų infrastruktūros gyvenvietėse įrengimo prioritetinę eilę). When compiling a list, the following criteria were observed: average annual daily traffic volumes; the number of traffic accidents; if the path is an extension of the existing infrastructure; if the route of the planned infrastructure has attraction centres, etc. The total state significance road network was evaluated.

The works will be financed from the funds of the Road Maintenance and Development Programme. Given the current financing, in 2021 it is planned to invite public tenders on the design of the first 25 sections (ca 27 km). According to the preliminary estimations, it might cost up to ten million EUR. Currently, the demand for pedestrian and cycle pathways to be paved in built-up areas is 1,852 km.

According to the data of the beginning of 2020, SE Lithuanian Road Administration has been administering almost 1,950 km of pedestrian and cycle pathways. The inventory of pedestrian and cyclist pathway infrastructure is being completed. The methodology and priority list will be developed based on the findings of the inventory and will be publicized on the website