Repair of Asveja Timber Bridge Completed


2020 09 11

Asvejos tiltas.jpeg

SE Lithuanian Road Adminstration informs that the repair of one of the three timber bridges on the Lithuanian state road network has been completed. The bridge is famous for being a bridge across the longest lake in Lithuania Asveja lake in Molėtai district, Dubingiai. The tests conducted at the end of August confirmed that the bridge is safe and fit for use. The total value of the contract works is more than 1.8 million euros.

Repair works were performed following the requirements set to the cultural heritage protection objects by the Cultural Heritage Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture. This timber bridge has been on the List of Immovable Cultural Heritage Objects.

According to the data of Molėtai Tourism and Business Information Centre, it is the first 75.4 m-long-timber bridge across the lake in Lithuania. The construction of the bridge was initiated by the Lithuanian President Antanas Smetona in 1934. Before the bridge was built, a ferry was used.