Road Administration: 100 % of Drawn Up Contracts to Pave State Gravel Roads in 2020


2020 06 02


According to the contracts drawn up between the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (later referred to as the Road Administration) and contractors, 1,450 km of gravel roads will have been asphalt paved during the period of 2016–2020. The above-mentioned number of 1,450 km is the maximum possible number of kilometres to be asphalt paved on the available funds. 

State gravel roads are paved based on the currently available funds and according to the list published on the Road Administration‘s website:

In March 2020 the Lithuanian Government has taken a decision to unfreeze, i.e. to give a permission to use 142 million euros of the Road Maintenance and Development Programme funds, out of which 112 million euros are to be used for gravel road asphalt paving and other state significance road projects. 

In total, 145.8 million euros have been allocated to the Road Administration for gravel road asphalt paving: 99.8 million euros of eamarked funds and 46 million euros of additional unfrozen funds. According to the data of 2 June 2020, the Road Administration has drawn up contracts for the amount of almost 170 million euros to pave state gravel roads in 2020.

To guarantee smooth implementation of the Lithuanian Gravel Roads‘ Paving Programme in 2021 and to start their asphalt paving works immediately after the end of the technological break, i.e. on 15 March 2021, in June of the current year the Road Administration has already started inviting tenders to pave state gravel roads in 2021.