Road Users May Suspend the Validity of Their Annual E-vignettes During Quarantine


2020 04 08

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The Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (later – the Road Administration) informs that those road users who are not going to use toll roads, may suspend the validity of the purchased annual electronic vignettes (later – e-vignette) during quarantine period. The decision has been taken by the resolution of the Emergency Operations Centre at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In order to suspend the validity, road users shall submit an application to the Road Administration by e-mail The application shall contain the vehicle‘s plate number, e-vignette‘s number and a copy of the vehicle‘s registration certificate.

The validity period of an annual e-vignette will be suspended for the period of quarantine from the date of receipt of the road user‘s application and the vehicle‘s registration certificate at the Road Administration. At the end of the quarantine, the validity period of the annual e-vignette will be automatically extended for the suspended period.

Road users will have an opportunity to cancel the suspension of their e-vignette‘s validity before the end of quarantine on the territory of Lithuania. In that case they will have to submit an application and a copy of the vehicle‘s registration certificate by e-mail The validity of an e-vignette may be suspended only once during its duration.

Road users will be informed about the decision to suspend  or to cancel suspension of their e-vignette (except at the end of quarantine) by e-mail in five working days from the receipt of their application.

It shall be pointed out that road users shall carry a valid e-vignette before entering toll main road sections. A list of toll main roads has been approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lituania. 

Those willing to purchase e-vignettes, shall have a mobile device (computer, phone, etc.). E-vignettes may be purchased in advance without any administrative charge at  via mobile applications and at almost 3,000 selling points.

According to the data of 6 April 2020, there are 21,000 valid annual e-vignettes in Lithuania. 

The Order "On Suspension of Annual Electronic Vignettes‘ Validity Period During Quarantine on the Territorry of the Republic of Lithuania" may be found at: