Road users who fail to pay a road user charge are automatically filed in the Register of Administrative Offences


2020 05 27


It shall be noted that since last week information about carriers who have failed to pay a road user charge, i.e. do not carry a valid e-vignette, has been automatically sent to the Register of Administrative Offences (RAO). This information is automatically transferred from the devices held by the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

According to the data received from RAO, automatic fines are issued to those failing to pay a road user charge, i.e. not carrying a valid e-vignette. The fines are administered by institutions in charge.

Before entering toll main road A1-A18 sections by buses (vehicle categories M2-M3), heavy vehicles (vehicle categories N1-N3) and their combinations as well as special purpose, vehicles road users  shall purchase and carry a valid e-vignette.

E-vignettes may be purchased in advance without any administrative charge at , via mobile applications and at almost 3,000 selling points.

The road user charge revenues collected to the Lithuanian state budget are allocated for the maintenance and development of the state and local significance road network.