Road Vilnius–Kaunas Reconstructed into Motorway


2019 10 11


The reconstruction of one of the most heavily trafficked Lithuanian state significance transport arteries has been started. The section from 10.000 to 95.000 km of the main road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda will be reconstructed according to the motorway requirements. After reconstruction, the speed limit of 130 km/h in summer and 110 km/h in winter will be introduced.

'Traffic on the motorway A1 between Vilnius and Kaunas is the most intensive not only in Lithuania, but in the Baltic countries as well. Therefore, traffic safety improvement and increased speed limit between the largest cities of the country will be important for those travelling in Lithuania and international transport', says the Minister of Transport and Communications Mr Jaroslav Narkevič.

According to the Director of the Road Administration Mr Vitalijus Andrejevas, when traffic safety measures are implemented and reconstruction of separate road sections is completed, the road will comply with the motorway category. One of the priorities of the Road Administration is to develop the motorway network through the creation of convenient, safe and fast transport infrastructure.

When implementing the main road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda project on the road section from Vilnius to Kaunas, steel guard rails on the carriageway and net fencing against wild animals will be installed on some road sections. The reconstruction of acceleration and deceleration lanes, construction of walkways and bicycle lanes, installation of speed control and warning systems, lighting and other works are planned.

Road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda section from 10.000 to 95.000 km is reconstructed according to five contracts (the project consists of 5 sections‘ reconstruction). The contracts have been signed between the Lithuanian Road Administration and two contractors: company Kauno tiltai (4 sections) and JSC Fegda (1 section). The total project value is ca 42.6 million EUR.

The contractors above have entered into an obligation to give a 7-year guarantee for all types of works under these contracts. The reconstruction shall be completed in 15 months since the date of signing the contracts (excluding a technological break starting from December 15 and ending on 15 March next year).

Traffic volumes on road A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda section from Vilnius to Kaunas are the highest not only in Lithuania, but in the Baltic countries (Latvia and Estonia). Average annual daily traffic on this road section is 30,000 vehicles per day, and, for example, AADT on road A5 Kaunas–Marijampolė–Suwałki is ca 21, 000 vehicles per day.