SE Lithuanian Road Administration Starts Traditional Drawing Competition 'Safe Traffic on the Road'


2021 03 15


This year, SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) runs a traditional drawing competition 'Safe Traffic on the Road 2021' ((later – the competition). Like every year, at the end of the competition bus stop shelters will be decorated by winner drawings, which will be selected by the winners‘ place of residence. As usual, the representatives from educational, training, non-governmental institutions and communities are invited to take part in the national competition. 

The competition aims to draw the road users‘ attention to traffic safety on our roads and streets by inviting each traffic participant to behave mindfully and carefully, to remind pedestrians the necessity to wear reflective items and car drivers and passengers to fasten their seatbelts as well as to respect and protect each others‘ health and life. 

"The list of traffic safety projects, i.e. 'Traffic Safety in Communities', 'Reflectors‘ Day', 'Save Each Other on the Road', etc. has been supplemented by a traditional drawing competition 'Safe Traffic on the Road'. We encourage the participants of the competition to create safer traffic environment by artistic means", says the Director of the Road Administration Remigijus Lipkevičius.

The Director wishes the competitors every success and believes that visually presented road traffic rules will reach out to the majority of road users and will make some of the bus shelters more attractive.

The main criteria of candidate drawings is their compliance with the goal and topic of the competition, originality of idea and form, quality of works, practical applicability, etc. The content and message of works shall meet the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations.

Candidates are invited to register by e-mail until 31 March 2021. Registration will be carried out according to the place of residence. The registered candidates will have to submit works until 30 April, which will be evaluated  until 14 May 2021. The decoration of bus stop shelters should be completed by the end of October 2021.
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