The Campaign Traffic Safety Stops Has Come to an End: Well-attended 102 Stops


2021 09 06


The campaign Trafic Safety Stops organized by SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) has come to an end. The four-week-long campaign was held in 102 Lithuanian towns, villages and other population centres.

According to the Director of the Road Administration Remigijus Lipkevičius, the campaign organized for the second time has confirmed that people need direct communication, clear answers to burning questions and explanation of the Road Traffic Regulations. In some places, 50 people attended a stop in an hour and a half, who wanted to get answers to some important questions. In fact, it is the only way to get accurate and important information and consultations from traffic safety specialists.

The campaign was organized before the beginning of the school year and was another reminder to behave appopriately  on the road.

When selecting the location of traffic safety stops, more attention was paid to smaller towns, villages and other population centres where traffic safety campaigns are rarely held and where the number of road accidents with bicyclists and pedestrians involved is higher. The visitors of traffic safety stops were reminded the Road Traffic Regulations and those who failed to obtain traffic safety items or came by bicycles in poor condition were explained how to maintain a bicycle properly and what traffic safety items a bicyclist and a pedestrian shall use.

Compared to the campaign held last year, e-scooter riders have been more active this year. Most of them never knew that e-scooters are classified by their capacity and maximum speed and that different  requirements are applied to them. The requirements set to bicyclists were discussed too. This year it has been observed that more and more bicyclists wear reflective safety vests.

A lot of schoolers who demonstrated excellent traffic safety knowledge discuss the issues of traffic safety not only at school or during after-school activities but with their family members at home.
The Road Administration is the organizer of the campaign Traffic Safety Stops. The campaign was held in cooperation with municipalities, local authorities, communities, the police, etc.

Last year the campaign was held at 62 different places.