The Road Administration Invites Tenders for Contract Works in 2020


2019 08 20

According to the data of 19 August, monetary flows‘ obligations and administrative costs of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (the Road Administration) for state road management, maintenance and construction have already amounted up to 404.8 MEUR or 100 per cent of the budget of the Road Administration in 2019. Moreover, the total amount of costs of the contracts signed for 2020 makes up 215.3 MEUR.
Mr Vitalijus Andrejevas, the Director of the Road Administration, states that the last contracts for the projects and activities of 2019 are being signed, which cover not only all budgetary means of 2019, but the funds saved through public procurement. Public procurement procedures on the works of 2020 have been undertaken as well. The Road Administration wishes the contractors plan their works well in advance and start them as early as possible, i.e. from 15 March 2020.
Last year the Road Administration saved up 65 MEUR. During 7 months of 2019, the Road Administration has already saved ca 30.3 MEUR.

In 2019, the budget of the Road Administration makes up 404.8 MEUR (383.8 MEUR of which are Road Maintenance and Development Programme funds and 21 MEUR EU investment funds). The planned budget in 2020 is 383 MEUR (343 MEUR of which are the Road Maintenance and Development Programme funds and 40 MEUR EU investment funds).

Projects implemented by the Road Administration are financed from the national budget (Road Maintenance and Development Programme) and EU investment funds.