The Second Stage of State Road Lighting Upgrading Underway


2020 09 24


LED type lighting during the period of 2020–2021. The total value of the signed contracts is 820 thousand Euros, with 4,526 items to be replaced.

SE Lithuanian Road Administration reminds that this is already the second stage of upgrading state road lighting. The first stage is already coming to an end. During it, lighting was upgraded on the main roads, where traffic volumes are the highest. During the two stages in the period of  2020–2021, in total 98 per cent of lighting with sodium vapor lamps will have been replaced by new LED type lamps. 

'Such changes will enable to save 2.7 GWh of energy used to light state significance roads or 378 thousand euros per year. Investments should pay off in five years after their installation,' says Acting Director Mr Remigijus Lipkevičius.

Moreoever, it will not only bring about economic savings but will also contribute to traffic safety. Real-time remote control of lighting enables to detect and repair failures immediately.