Traffic Information Division Working in Winter Mode


2019 10 18


Despite temporary warming, like every year, in October the Traffic Information Division (TID) of the Lithuanian Road Administration  under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Road Administration) has already started working in winter mode. As usual, the Traffic Information Division will work 24 hours per day. However, more attention will be paid to road condition monitoring and immediate informing of drivers of any changes in driving conditions.

Reports on the road and traffic conditions wil be placed on the website at least twice per day: at 06.30 and 16.30. The first report will inform about the existing and prognosed traffic conditions in daytime, and the second about the current conditions and those at night. Depending on the situation, reports on the changing weather and complicated traffic conditions might be presented on the website four or more times per day.

Mr Aivaras Vilkelis, Director of the Transport Infrastructure Planning and Innovation Department, invites drivers to respect driving peculiarities in cold weather, to plan their trips well in advance on higher category roads, which are cleaned and salted. If there are no possibilities to avoid lower category roads, drivers are asked to plan their trips based on TID reports and to choose safe speed.

TID reminds that when temperature falls below zero, it is important to take into account the predicted  traffic conditions, to check the slippery road pavement, to choose safe speed and to drive accurately.

The website provides the most important information on state significance roads, their maintenance in winter, reports on traffic conditions and restrictions due to works as well as information from road weather condition stations and video cameras, traffic volume sensors and other devices near state significance roads. TID has been getting information from the Lithuanian Hydrometerology Service, the Lithuanian Police, the Emergency Response Centre since 2011.

The Road Administration states that every road user can send information on the situation on state significance roads by phone numbers: 1871, +370 615 49300, +370 5 2329677.

The received information is immediately forwarded to the company maintaining state roads.