Traffic Safety Event for All Family on the Cathedral Square in Vilnius


2020 09 23


he Cathedral Square in Vinius on 27 September. On Sunday from 12.00 until 16:00 children and adults will be reminded about the rules of safe behaviour on the road through various activities.

'The aim of this annual event is to remind that each of us is responsible for traffic safety on our streets and roads, no matter what kind of road users we are. The goal of the Lithuanian Traffic Safety Strategy Vision Zero is to reduce the number of fatalities on Lithuanian roads twice by 2030 and to have zero fatalities on the roads by 2050. Therefore, safer and more mindful behaviour is extremely important in attaining the set ends', says  Mr Remigijus Lipkevičius, Acting Director of SE Lithuanian Road Administration.

During the event children will be able to test the track for kids‘ electric cars equipped with road signs. Animators and police officers will be there to explain about road signs and traffic safety. Moreover, educational reflectors‘ zone will be equipped for children. Senior participants of the event will be able to take part in an interactive quizz and to test safety belts‘ efficiency and vehicle turnover simulation equipment. Drunk glasses will be available as well when testing vehicle turnover simulation and virtual reality vehicle driving equipment. Without causing any danger to others, the participants will be able to see how complicated and dangerous it is to drive under the influence of alcohol.

This year, the traffic safety campaign Saving You and Yourself will be contributed by the key Lithuanian institutions in charge: officers from the Lithuanian Police Department, the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of Interior, the Lithuanian Armed Forces under the Ministry of National Defence and Emergency Service workers. During the event they will present their accoutrements, cars, will educate how to give first-aid and how these institutions contribute to safety. The spectators will also be able to observe extreme racing performed by Utena Stuntriders motorcyclists who started their activities in 2005. 

The event will include a pop star concert and a sensitive and staggering video From the Second to the Next,  about people whose life has been changed irreversibly by an SMS message. The video questions: 'Was the message really important?' Each of us should give this question when reaching for a cell phone while  driving.

Important: all event participants are strongly recommended to follow the decisions of the State Commander of National Emergency Operations as regards the requirements (keeping distance, wearing protective equimment, avoiding pooling). We thank you for your understanding.