Traffic Safety Stops‘ Project Brought to a Close: 2,000 Visitors Throughout the Country


2020 09 11


The virgin trip of a three-week-long traffic safety stops‘ project has come to an end. More than 2,000 visitors attended 62 traffic safety stops. Traffic safety stops were located in smaller towns, villages, built-up areas, where traffic safety campaigns are rarely held and more road accidents with pedestrians or cyclists occur. During the project, specialists from the SE Lithuanian Road Administration reminded local people not only road traffic regulations, but explained what traffic safety items shall be worn by pedestrians and cyclists and what a properly prepared bicycle is.

"Lithuania has an ambitious aim: Vision Zero, which stands for no fatalities on the roads of the country. Therefore, every reminder and encouragement to behave safely on the road and each educational campaign are extremely meaningful. I hope that the project will encourage people to be more careful and mindful, which would contribute to saving lives on the roads, especially in this dark time of the year",  says the Minister of Transport and Communications Mr Jaroslav Narkevič.

According to the Acting Director of SE Lithuanian Road Administration Mr Remigijus Lipkevičius, the results of the campaign show that they play a significant role in maintaining direct contacts with the population of towns, villages and built-up areas who frequently choose to walk and ride a bicycle. Drivers study road traffic regulations and then take examinations in order to get a driving license; whereas pedestrians and cyclists acquire their traffic safety knowledge only at school. Therefore, such stops serve as a wonderful opportunity to study traffic regulations again, which sometimes change.

Traffic safety specialists have noticed that most visitors had already heard or read about road traffic regulations‘ amendment projects. However, they never thought or understood which of the amendments were approved and introduced. Lots of questions were given, discussons held, but project participants agreed that all of us are responsible for our  own and other‘s safety on the roads.

The organizor of the campaign  "Traffic Safety Stops" is SE Lithuanian Road Administration. The project was implemented in close cooperation with municipalities, local authorities, communities, police officers, etc.  

SE Lithuanian Road Administration keeps looking for new forms and methods to convey traffic safety information more attractively and usefully. Such projects are beneficial to society at large; it is, therefore, planned to develop this activity by targeting the most vulnerable groups of society.