Training for Contractors - Paper Construction Journal is Replaced by e-Journal


2021 02 23


More than three hundred technical supervision, road construction and design companies having signed contracts with SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) have attended a training course on how to use an electronic construction works' journal (later – E-journal). 

E-journal created by the Road Administration will ensure effective record and supervision of construction works, will enable to supervise the implementation of various projects and to control works more efficiently.

The records made by contractors, technical supervision and controlling institutions will enable to manage the process of works effectively. All e-journal data, notes, conclusions and recommendations are available to all road construction participants of each concrete project. Work implementation and commissioning dates, meteorological data and other records are registered in e-journal, which enables to ensure faster and more effective control of works and quality assurance. 

According to the Director of the Road Administration Remigijus Lipkevičius, several pilot projects were implemented in September-October 2020 in cooperation with the Association of Lithuanian Roads. During this period e-journal was tested and potential inaccuracies were identified. The first training sessions on how to use e-journal were organized in autumn 2020. Training and consultations will be held until everybody gets used to working with the new system.