Winter Driving: Check Your Vehicle‘s Technical Condition


2021 01 15


Changing winter weather conditions, more snow and low temperature urge drivers to be more careful on the road, to take safe rather than maximum permitted speed and to keep a longer than usual safe distance. Another important aspect of driving in winter is your vehicle‘s proper technical condition and maintenance. 

One of the key safety requirements is proper tread of winter tyres, the depth of which shall be not less than 5 mm. Check that all vehicle‘s lights are working properly and that the lenses are clean. In case lights are not properly maintained, their surface is covered with an opaque layer, which impairs the optimum visibility of road shoulders and other road users.

It is important to clean snow not only from the windshield, but from the bonnet and the roof of your vehicle. Before turning windshield wipers on, it is recommended to check if they are not frozen to the windshield. In the event that the blades freeze to the glass, free them carefully by hand. This would protect not only wipers, but the whole system as well.

When temperature falls, summer windshield fluids should be replaced by winter formulas (to -25°C) on time, and windshield should be washed for the nozzles not to get frozen. Keep you car windshield and windows clear from inside and outside. Windows can get fogged up due to inside humidity. Therefore, it is recommended to replace regular car mats by more practical rubber ones. Their maintenance will be simpler and the air will get dehumidified. If windows keep fogged up, the air filter will have to be replaced.

In addition it is recommended to lubricate seals, locks and hinges. Leave the doors and the trunk open for a while each time after washing your car. It will keep the seals defrozen.

At low temperature, the battery tends to die. It is typical when a car is not new and stands idle for several days.

SE Lithuanian Road Administration recommends to avoid unnecessary travel. However, in case it is urgent, please, follow the information about the road and weather conditions that is constantly updated and published at: We also invite you to inform about slippery (unsafe) roads sections by phone no: +370 5 232 9677 or 1871. 

Stay safe on the roads!